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Nothing to see here, move along.

  1. Jt rourke says:

    Bravo sir, bravo….

  2. NorthIdaho says:

    ‘Feature of Motorola DTR? I have no way of verifying, but on p62 of v3 of “Musings of a man in black, Prometheus” it states: “In evaluating the Motorola DTR…I discovered …Motorola DTR650 have a supervisory mode feature which allows the user to remotely monitor and disable any DTR radio on the same channel [using] nothing more than the ID number of the radio that appears on the[‘supervisor’] radio.”

    Thought you might be interested.

    • danmorgan76 says:


      Yep, the DTR 410 & the 650 both have the “Manager Function” imbedded. To enable the function you have to know the radio’s private 11 digit user code. That’s 99,999,999,999 possible combinations. Then add to that the private or public group codes. The manager function does give you the capability to monitor or drop a radio from you net if it is captured/compromised. But, if it is still a concern, go with the DRT 550. It doesn’t have that capability.

      Basically the differences are:

      The 410 and 650 are similar. The 410 has a fixed antenna, the 650 has a detachable antenna with two possible lengths, both have the manager function, the 650 has more groups and private id space available.

      The 550 has a removable antenna, no managers function and less groups and private id space available.

      As I’ve said before, are they NSA proof, probably not, but they are civilian scanner proof.

      • Ticom says:


        I am the author of ‘Musings of a Man In Black: Prometheus.” A fellow Like-Minded Individual gave me a heads up that my work was being circulated in the III%per circles, particularly via

        As far as the DTR radios are concerned, I tested them extensively and found them to be an excellent product from a hardware standpoint, and I concur with MSG Morgan’s statements regarding them. You can read my review of them at

        Now as far as the vulnerability is concerned, they indeed can be remotely disabled and also have their TX remotely activated via a DTR650 in Manager mode.

        This becomes a problem when the radios are used on the public channels with their default programming. A radio keys up, its ID is displayed on a “hostile” DTR650 in manager mode, and said hostile sends the “kill” command.

        If you program the DTR radios in your net to run on a private group code, this eliminates the problem. The important part here is that if you decide to use DTRs, program them off their defaults.

        If you go with DTRs, I would also recommend getting the models with detachable antennas. You can get nice PCB Log Periodic and Yagi antennas from to extend your range.


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