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Great research and info. by Sparks.

A question I posed to a commenter and to a group of like minded radio savvy individuals recently; what do you do after SHTF and you determine , by the use of your scanner/analyser, that someone is emitting in you AO/AI and they mean you harm? I got a lot of blank stares.
The point is to remember that communication equipment is just a tool that allows you to effectively coordinate actions with friendlies and understand the intentions of not-so-friendlies. Nothing more.

So now you have three options:
1. Bug out to your secondary retreat and hope the bad guys don’t follow/find you.
2. Conduct a recon patrol that will probably be frago’d to become a combat patrol and deal with the problem.
3. Die in place.

The first two options require some prior planning and rehearsal/training, the last, not so much. In order to put the first two in place you must:

Put together plans for and rehearse occupying a secondary retreat.

If you don’t have a group (No man is an island) it’s time to start putting one together. It’s hard to repel boarders when it’s just you and the wife. If you don’t have some serious weapons training under your belt and don’t know the difference between a recon, security or combat patrol, then those black rifles in your safe are pretty much useless. Take a look at the training Mosby or Max offer. Or find some prior service combat arms guy in your area that can get you spun up. Trust me, they are out there and they are conducting the training.

Or just pick option three.