Essential Skills: Land Navigation – Get the Best Map You Can Find

Posted: 12/25/2014 in Land Navigation

Solid advice from DTG. Everything I and others have written about land nav are tips and techniques to assist you when you attend an actual land nav course. You’ve spent the big bucks on your weapon systems, and to learn how to use them effectively. You paid the big bucks for that high-speed, low-drag kit and the same to learn small unit tactics. You’ve got your PT, intel and med training squared away. But if you can’t get your team to the objective and back….what’s the use of it all? Go get some professional training.

The Defensive Training Group

topographic map

Today, NPT members learning or practicing land navigation have so much more going for them in the way of map accuracy than those of us who learned some years back (like in 1974 for some folks….).  Back then you took what they issued you, and dealt with it.  Declination off?  Oh, well, deal with it.  Contour lines deceptive?  Too bad, deal with it.  Symbols inaccurate?  Ditto previous answers.

No, the snow wasn’t deeper, and we didn’t have to walk the entire route up hill.  However, unless you really paid attention, you could find yourself disoriented very quickly, because of the quality of maps needed wasn’t always there.

Thankfully, today map quality is a quantum leap better than they used to be.  Map studies done before taking to a route or a land nav course can save the navigator a lot of time because what he or she sees on the…

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  1. […] stated in an earlier post, UTM is the most efficient system you can use to transpose a location from the earth, onto a map. […]

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