The Final Word on UTM

Posted: 12/26/2014 in Land Navigation

As stated in an earlier post, UTM is the most efficient system you can use to transpose a location from the earth, onto a map. Then you can pass that information on to friendly forces anywhere. Think about the possibilities.

This three video set is without a doubt the best explanation of UTM that I have ever seen. (Hat Tip to Lost Dog).  No wonder, it was done by a former member of my alma mater, the 7th Special Forces Group. If you have the time and want to really understand UTM, pop a cold one, turn off the football game, and spend a few minutes learning something of value. He has a few other videos that you might find interesting.








  1. Defensive Training Group says:

    Reblogged this on The Defensive Training Group and commented:
    Great videos! Thanks!

    • Defensive Training Group says:

      An aside: Was interesting to see the Camp Bullis map used as a teaching tool. Still have one from my tour there as an ABGD instructor in ’77’.


      • danmorgan76 says:

        We jumped in to Camp Bullis as part of SFQC Phase 2 Commo Sgt’s Course for our field exercise and spent a couple of weeks wandering around in the badlands during a winter in the late 80’s. I won’t say which for OPSEC purposes. Twenty of us flew in from Bragg, nap-of-earth (NOE) in a C-141. That’s another story involving the liberal use of multiple barf bags, inlcuding the Air Force Flight Chief. Interesting place where I witnessed my first flash flood, but mostly it was dry as a bone. Cold nights (found out mesquite doesn’t burn well, don’t tell the cadre), hot days and lots of rock and dust. Beautiful sunset vistas from the top of the buttes.

  2. Sando says:

    Great videos from Analytical Survival, particularly the Nav videos but I subscribed to him since I found alot more great info there.

    Also, thanks for the posts on LandNav. You’ve inspired me to knock the rust off my skills. I learned with a lensatic compass but I’m liking the orienteering compass better.

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