Weaponsman – The Big Lie About Wanat

Posted: 01/01/2015 in Uncategorized

Weaponsman.com has a new post titled:  “The Big Lie About Wanat (COP Kahler)” that’s well worth your time. As usual for his site, it’s well written and laid out with some great terrain analysis graphics. He not only makes the case for the M-4 as a well-built, time-tested, practical weapons system, thus skull-stomping many myths, he unintentionally informs the astute reader regarding small unit tactics as practiced in this case by an indigenous group of guerilla fighters; the Taliban. No, they didn’t achieve their apparent primary objective; displacing or destroying the American conventional force. Yes, the Taliban took heavy casualties, about six-to-one, which is indicative of an assault by lightly armed guerillas on prepared positions manned by a conventional force.  Their ability to quietly and quickly mass and position their forces utilizing conventional military tactics, then perform the initial assault on key weapons positions, while using the surrounding terrain to their advantage (proper terrain analysis) is an indicator of effective intelligence, communication and logistics systems, thorough planning and rehearsals, well-trained leadership, good command and control and most importantly, support by the locals.


Here’s the link:  http://www.weaponsman.com

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