Digital dPMR or DMR Radios

Posted: 08/13/2015 in Communications

Information from a reader that might be of interest. Due to the high volume of training being conducted this summer, I have not had time to take a proper ****, let alone verify the information provided. Do your due diligence.

HT to:  RWilliams

For cheap secure tactical comms also consider:

Digital dPMR or DMR radios:

Kirisun S760/780 ($120/ea)- voice encryption option built in, software programmable (free),
Cannot be decoded by radio scanners.


Connect Systems CS700 ($200)
4 watt TX on high power
Free programming software.
16 bit Basic Privacy built in voice scrambler (65,536 codes), set a 4 digit key
Digital signal cannot be decoded by scanners

Tytera MD380 ($165-$200/ea)
5 watt TX on high power
Free programming software
*128-bit Enhanced Privacy encryption (set a 32 digit key) built in, 128 bit Privacy offers an unfathomable amount of possible keys!*
Cannot be decoded by scanners, even without encryption.

There are videos on You Tube on how to program these radios. You need a programming cable, the software (free), and a computer.

Also search radio to learn more about radio communications.

  1. whynot says:

    What are people’s experience with the above??

    I can’t find any reviews on above radios, including Amazon.

  2. danmorgan76 says:

    whynot, here is a link to an example of a dPMR setup: . DMR appears to be in the realm of rack mounted, very large, very expensive radio systems.

  3. Old Grouch says:

    DMR is a pretty well standard format and all the DMR radios play well with each other. dPMR is a looser standard and quite often the radios by various makers don’t play well with one another.

    dPMR is not widely used in the USA, but DMR is being widely adopted, with large networks being used by business users and some public safety as well as seeing large amateur radio networks being built and deployed using DMR technology. So one advantage of DMR is the ability to use the infrastructure that ham operators are building as long as they remain operational.

    There at a lot more DMR handhelds and mobiles on the market right now than dPMR, including Motorolas line sold under the Mototrbo name.

    • danmorgan76 says:

      Thanks Tim, Do you have any specific model numbers for the readers?

      • Old Grouch says:

        The Tytera MD-380 as mentioned above is by far the most bang for the buck.

        For a base/mobile at 45 watts the CS-800 is doing well,although new on the market

        I think even when you are not using repeaters the ability to have a high power base is where this technology can be a bonus of the DTR’s for certain applications.

        I have not played with one, but these little TD50’s are getting pretty good reviews. The simple, no display, button and knob use will make them easy to use where you can hand them out with minimal training- but you will lose the ability to do text messaging, private calls, and other features.

        And of course, if budget allows any of the Motorola XPR series are the best quality and most rugged options.

        And either dPMR or DMR radios all also work as analog radios as well, so with UHF units you can still scan FRS/GMRS, UHF police and fire, etc.

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